At New College Durham we take the safety and wellbeing of everyone seriously we have developed links to allow parents with information which is intended to help us to keep your child safe.

Fundamentally, if you child has a safeguarding/prevent concern they should be encouraged to raise either with yourselves or the College.

Students Young Adult Carers

Horizon Durham Young Adult Carers

Horizon Durham Young Adult Carers provides transition support for young adult carers, between the ages of 14 and 25, and to their families.

We help empower young adult carers to be heard, access services, gain confidence, have choices and enjoy life.

Helpful Videos & Animations

NHS Choices Youth Mental Health Hub

This website contains information on mental health, and where to get support. It includes links to other services, videos and podcasts.

Fixers - media made by young people about mental health

Support for young carers (5-18) who are looking after family members affected by physical or mental health issues or substance misuse.Fixers are tackling a huge range of issues by creating an enormous variety of resources, including short films and documentaries, animations, music videos, viral ads, websites, apps, books, promotional literature, teaching packs, school workshops, and more.

Pooky Knightsmith

Mental Health & Wellbeing tips and info.

Managing Depression: the benefits of establishing a daily routine

In this video I explore the benefits of establishing a daily routine when managing depression. I consider things like sleep, mealtimes and self-care and how we can work to regularise these activities in order to boost our physical and mental resilience.

Anxiety: 6 ways to make life more manageable

In this video I explore 6 strategies that you can use to make life more manageable for a young person (or any person) who is struggling with anxiety. These ideas are primarily aimed at teachers or parents supporting a child or young person, but would also be useful if you are an adult facing anxiety, or supporting a friend.

Preparing to visit the GP about your mental health

In this video I help you prepare to visit your GP / Doctor about your mental health. It can feel like a big step booking and attending this first appointment so I've tried to walk you through to help you feel more confident and enable you to take steps to ensure that the appointment goes well.

Mental Health Resources Useful Leaflets